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Interview for the Dominion Post "How Māori and English languages mix in the modern world", 10 January 2020.

Interview in The Press about the Twitter project (David Trye, Hons student) Māori loanwords enrich Twitter
(8 July 2019).

TVNZ news programme in te reo Māori Te Karere runs story on Māori loanwords project at the University of Waikato
(screened on 24 April 2019, 4pm).

David Trye (summer scholar) is interviewed on National Radio, RNZ about his project on Māori loanwords on 12 February 2019.

picture of twitter on a phone

Katie Levendis (MA student) is interviewed about her work on Māori loanwords in Te Wiki O te Reo Māori 2018.
Weekend Waikato Times story "The borrowers: Why you are speaking more Māori than you think" - 8 September 2018.
Stuff (Waikato Times) story The use of Māori language accelerating in newspapers 13 September 2018.
Rotorua Daily Post story Māori Language Week a good way to start te reo journey 10 September 2018.
Māori TV story Research shows more Māori "loan words" being used 10 September 2018.
picture of Katie Levendis

New Zealand Herald publishes a video story on the Marsden project on 4 Dec 2016.

Interview with Dale Husband on Waatea Radio Station breakfast show on 5 Dec 2016, 8:10am.

Full length documentary about New Zealand English made by TVNZ "New Zild - The Story of New Zealand English", 2005.

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