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TEACHING LING131 Describing Language

LING132 Introduction to Linguistic Communication

LING230 Exploring English: from Grammar to Discourse

LING304 Sociolinguistics

LING380 Special Topic: Corpus Linguistics

LING380 Special Topic: Semantic and Pragmatics

2017-2018 Master Thesis , Katie Levendis - Māori loanwords in New Zealand newspaper data - a case-study of Māori Language Week

2016-2019 PhD supervision (with Ian Witten, Shaoqun Wu, Mark Apperley), Jemma Konig - Modelling Vocabulary Acquisition in Extensive Reading

2017-2018 Summer Research Scholarship (with Te Taka Keegan and Hēmi Whaanga), Louise Stevenson - Using Māori borrowings in New Zealand digital science discourse

2016-2017 Summer Research Scholarship (with Steven Miller and Hēmi Whaanga), Sally Harper - The Reo in Our Lives - using Māori borrowings in New Zealand newspapers

2015-2018 PhD supervision, Anita Pu - Research perceptions of a blended collaborative approach to writing and their practices University of Waikato, NZ

2013-2104 Junior research supervision, Sara Fryett - Nonfinite Clauses in English Grammar project funded by the University of Waikato Contestable Research Grant

2011 Junior research supervision, Simit Patel - Māori Loanwords in New Zealand English project funded by the University of Reading Endowment Trust Fund

PAST TEACHING Lecturer for Paper ESOL202: Applied English Phonology (year 2), (summer/Feb. 2006), University of Auckland.

Tutor for Linguistics for years I, II and Graduate level courses, The University of Auckland, (2002-2008),

Tutor for Department of Mathematics at Pre-university and year I courses, The University of Auckland, (2001-2006).

GUEST LECTURES "Using LaTeX in linguistics research" for Linguistics Graduate course Research Methods in Linguistics, University of Auckland, NZ (2005 and 2008)

"Machine Translation" for Translation Studies year III, University of Auckland, NZ (2003)

"Clefting" for Linguistics year II course, "Applied English Grammar, University of Auckland, NZ (2007)

"Formulaic Language" for Linguistics year II course Linguistics Analysis , at Massey University (2007)