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With Anna Coddington at our MA graduation, Auckland Town Hall, 2005
I am a Romanian born New Zealander (born to Cris Calude and Elena Calude, both living in NZ), working as a senior lecturer in linguistics, at the University of Waikato. I research various topics: Māori loanwords, language evolution, cognitive grammar, corpus linguistics, Romanian linguistics. My PhD is in the area of grammar and was supervised by Prof. Jim Miller and Assoc. Prof. Frank Lichtenberk.

I have Erdös number 2 from a joint paper with Prof. Solomon Marcus.
I am left-handed. In 2005, I completed the full length Auckland marathon in 4 hours 2 minutes.

2011 (Oct-Dec) – Visiting Researcher, Department of Linguistics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany.

2008-2012. NZ FRST postodoctoral fellow, University of Reading, UK, in Mark Pagel's evolutionary biology group

2007-2008. Researcher in Linguistics, University of Auckland, NZ

2008. Researcher in the Department of Psychology, University of Auckland, NZ, for the Austronesian Database Language, under the guidance of Prof. Russell Gray

2007-2008. Researcher in the Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Auckland, NZ, on the grammar and dictionary project for Takuu language, under the guidance of Prof. Richard Moyle.

2000-2001. Research Assistant, Mathematics Department, The University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ.

2018-current, Editor-in-Chief of Te Reo - Journal of the Linguistic Society of New Zealand
2018-current, member of Advisory Board for Token - A Journal of English Linguistics
2017-current, external member of the Human Language Technologies Research Center, University of Bucharest, Romania
2014-current, proof-reader for Language Science Press
2016-current, Editor Board for International Journal of Language Studies
2009-current, Associate Editor International Journal of Linguistics
I have served on the organising committees for:
2014, the New Zealand Lang and Soc Conference, University of Waikato, NZ,
2012, the 13th Biannual Lang and Soc Conference of NZ, University of Auckland, NZ,
2012, the Asia-Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference, University of Auckland, NZ.
I have examined a number of PhD theses:
2018, Dr. Sepideh Firoozkoohi's '"Critical Translation Analysis: A Corpus-Driven Diachronic Analysis of Gendered Discourse in English-Persian Literary Prose Translation", University of Auckland, NZ
2017, Dr. Danyang Zheng's thesis on "Cleft Constructions in Chinese", University of Auckland, NZ
2013, Dr. Arthur Chan's thesis "Conditional Constructions in the Manchu Language", University of Auckland, NZ.
I have refereed papers for the Constructional Approaches to Languages volume, Folia Linguistica, Journal of Historical Linguistics, Canadian Journal of Linguistics, Complexity, International Journal of Linguistics, and Proceedings of the Royal Society B

I regularly referee abstracts for various LAGB Annual conferences (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016) and various New Zealand Linguistics Society conferences (2014, 2015).

Volunteer for the Red Cross as a Meals on Wheels driver, NZ, (2007)
Volunteer for Trade Aid as shop assistant in Botany Downs Shopping Center, Botany Downs, NZ, (2003-2004)
Volunteer for the The City Mission, NZ, (2002)
Regular blood donor (every three/four months), in NZ (1995-2008) & the UK; (2008-2012)