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Bună ziua, kia ora and welcome to my page! My name is Andreea Calude, pronounced [an'drɛ-ə ka-lu-dɛ]. My married name is James.

I work as a senior linguist at the University of Waikato and convene the Linguistics Programme. I also offer forensic linguistics consultancy services.

My research focuses on various aspects of language, including language evolution (how languages change), and grammatical structures (primarily, in English and Romanian) by adopting data-driven approaches. I use corpora of real language interactions and a blend of quantitative and qualitative methods to study language. Details of my publications can be found on my ORCID ID account and my Google Scholar profile.

If you would like to see more about my loanwords project, see my animation story "Why do languages borrow words?", my loanwords project page or the Kiwi words page.

I am part of the NZ Institute of Crime and Cyber Security at Waikato, and affiliated with the Human Language and Technologies Center in Bucharest, Romania.

New Zealand has a Linguistics Society, which I am a member of, and whose Platinum journal Te Reo, I am currently Editor-in-Chief. You can submit your articles to the journal through its online portal.

I am currently taking on PhD students wishing to work on corpus linguistics projects, cognitive grammar, sociolinguistic variation or language evolution. If you would like to do a PhD in New Zealand under my supervision, please visit the doctoral student information page at the University of Waikato before contacting me.

If you want to get in touch please email me. Thank you for visiting my page!