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Pieces I wrote for popular media

My TED-ED Lesson: "Does Grammar Matter?"

I blog about for Sciblogs as Lippy Linguist.

The Conversation story "Kia Ora: How Māori Borrowings Shape New Zealand English, September 2017.

NZ Royal Society blog piece "Words As Windows into our Minds", for the 150-years NZRS celebrations promoting linguistics research, also archived on SciBlogs, July 2017.

Blog entry "Does Big Data Equal Big Problems?" published in Fully (sic), 13 November 2015.

Blog entry "How to lose your North, be gone with a raft, and have a bird" published in Fully (sic), 27 August 2015.

Opinion Piece entitled "Whose Words Are They Anyway" published in Waikato Times, 6 March 2013.

Letter entitled "Languages With Soul" published in the New Scientist, Vol. 185: p. 33, 5 March 2005.

Book Review entitled "A Beautiful Mind" published in The New Zealand Listener , reviewing John Casti's "Mathematical Mountaintops", 183 (May 18-24) 2002.

Media attention of my research

Quoted in New Zealand Herald, Canvas Magazine by Lucy Corry for "2 sick 4 work soz: When is it not okay to text?", 19 August 2017.

Interview for the New Zealand Herald by Jane Phare for "Are we all on the Same Page", 11 June 2017.

Nicole Brewer interviews me on 18 February 2017, 7pm about grammar on CBS3 local news in Philadelphia, US.

Dale Husband interview on Waatea Radio about"The dating game of loanwords" on 5 Dec 2016 at 8:10am.

New Zealand Herald video story about "The dating game of loanwords" project on 4 Dec 2016.

Radio interview on FreeFM Community Radio at 8:45am, on 13 May, 2016 about my TED-ED Lesson.

Interview on jargon in the Waikato Times in Saturday Edition, 14 March, 2016.

Interview on taboo language (profanity) in the Waikato Times in Saturday Edition, 24 October (& front page on 21 October), 2015.

Interview on literacy and technology use in the Waikato Times in Saturday Edition, 29 August, 2015.

Our paper on the Eurasian language family receives media attention in:

New Scientist ,

The Guardian,

Washington Post,

Featured in a rap song by Zach Sherwin,

I was interviewed about it on National Radio on 13 May 2013 at 14:10.

Our paper on the Homeric Epics receives media attention in:

Scientific American,

History of the Ancient World,

NBC News,

Science Daily.