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With Anna Coddington at our MA graduation, Auckland Town Hall, 2005
I am a Romanian born New Zealander, working as a senior lecturer in linguistics, at the University of Waikato. Click here to view my CV. Areas I work on include: Māori loanwords, language evolution, cognitive grammar, corpus linguistics, Romanian linguistics.

2008-2012. NZ FRST postodoctoral fellow, University of Reading, UK, in Mark Pagel's evolutionary biology group
2007-2008. Researcher in Linguistics, University of Auckland, NZ
2008. Researcher in the Department of Psychology, University of Auckland, NZ, for the Austronesian Database Language, under the guidance of Prof. Russell Gray
2007-2008. Researcher in the Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Auckland, NZ, on the grammar and dictionary project for Takuu language, under the guidance of Prof. Richard Moyle.

I have Erdös number 2 from a joint paper with Prof. Solomon Marcus.
I am left-handed. In 2005, I completed the full length Auckland marathon in 4 hours 2 minutes.

2016, Volunteer marker for the New Zealand Linguistics Olympiad
2014-current, proof-reader for Language Science Press
2016-current, Editor Board for International Journal of Language Studies
2009-current, Editor Board for International Journal of Linguistics
2014, organising committee for the New Zealand Language and Society Conference, University of Waikato, NZ
2013, PhD Examiner, University of Auckland thesis "Conditional Constructions in the Manchu Language" completed by Arthur Chen
2011-2012, STEM Ambassador. Outreach as part of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network, UK
2012, organising committee for the 13th Biannual Language and Society Conference of New Zealand, University of Auckland, NZ
2012, organising committee for the Asia-Pacific Corpus Linguistics Conference, University of Auckland, NZ
2011, volunteer for the UK Linguistics Olympiad, UK
2004-2008, Linguistics Seminar Series organiser, DALSL, University of Auckland, NZ

I have refereed papers for the Constructional Approaches to Languages volume, Folia Linguistica, Journal of Historical Linguistics, Canadian Journal of Linguistics, Complexity, International Journal of Linguistics, and Proceedings of the Royal Society B

I regularly referee abstracts for various LAGB Annual conferences (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016) and various New Zealand Linguistics Society conferences (2014, 2015).

2016-2019 PhD supervision (with Ian Witten, Shaoqun Wu, Mark Apperley), Jemma Konig - Modelling Vocabulary Acquisition in Extensive Reading
2016-2017 Summer Research Scholarship (with Steven Miller and Hēmi Whaanga), Sally Harper - The Reo in Our Lives - using Māori borrowings in New Zealand newspapers
2015-2018 PhD supervision, Anita Pu - Research perceptions of a blended collaborative approach to writing and their practices University of Waikato, NZ
2013-2104 Junior researcher supervision, Sara Fryett - Nonfinite Clauses in English Grammar project funded by the University of Waikato Contestable Research Grant
2011 Junior research supervision, Simit Patel - Māori Loanwords in New Zealand English project funded by the University of Reading Endowment Trust Fund

Volunteer for the Red Cross as a Meals on Wheels driver, NZ, (2007)
Volunteer for Trade Aid as shop assistant in Botany Downs Shopping Center, Botany Downs, NZ, (2003-2004)
Volunteer for the The City Mission, NZ, (2002)
Regular blood donor (every three/four months), in NZ (1995-2008) & the UK; (2008-2012)

Royal Society Media Training Course, Feb 2011, London
Royal Society Communication Course, March 2011, London

° First/Native: Romanian, English
° Second/Fluent: German (schooled in Germany), French
° Beginners: Italian, Māori

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