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Hi, I am Andreea S. Calude, pronounced [an'drɛ-ə ka-lu-dɛ]. My married name is ASC James. I am a language consultant and I work as a professional linguist at the University of Waikato. I am the author of the TED ED Lesson "Does Grammar Matter?". I am an external member of the Human Language Technologies Research Center, University of Bucharest, Romania. You can view my Google Scholar profile here. I also offer language consultancy services. If you want to get in touch please email me.

I belong to the TechCommNZ network.


Nicole Brewer interviews me on 18 February 2017, 7pm about grammar on CBS3 local news in Philadelphia, US.

The New Zealand Herald writes about "The dating game of loanwords" project on 4 Dec 2016.

NZ Royal Society funds my project The dating game of loanwords: linguistic and sociolinguistic characteristics influencing loanword usage with a 3-year Marsden Fast Start, (2017-2020).

NZ Royal Society funds my work on language evolution with a 2-year Catalyst Seeding Fund (2017-2019).

Picture taken by i-maani photography